2018-19 Indoor schedule update

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The schedule is pretty close to the games from Jan 27th (cancelled date). I had to make a few adjustments, as there was already one game scheduled. Those teams are also playing makeups this Sunday, so I tried to keep their double headers close to each other, without taking away anyone's early starts. We tried to be as fair/even as possible in allocating those; hopefully we did ok in that dept, it was a tricky schedule! We have coed teams with male players in both divisions, so I had to make sure there were no conflicts there too.

P.S. While Men's G/I start their playoffs this Sunday, the rest of you will start next week (march 31st). I'll send that schedule out this Monday.

  • We have 9 teams in C/E, and we'll split the playoffs into an A side/B side thing. We'll determine what side 5th place will play in after this weekend, as that spot isn't settled yet.
  • Looking ahead, we should be able to finish all playoff games the following weekend (April 7th).
  • The changes from Jan 27th are
    • Outsiders vs Ballhawks from 7:20pm, to 8:20pm
    • SIlver Bullets vs Roadkill from 9:20pm to 7:20pm
    • Unicorns vs Honey Badgers from 10:20pm to 7:20pm
  • Mull it over and let me know if there are any errors, as I know you need your times. I'll send out a follow up email to make it official should everything be okay with it.

There are four teams not scheduled, just so you have a timeline for the upcoming weeks. Greco and Black Aces (not scheduled this weekend), Cowboys and Sunday Night Lights (you both get the bye this weekend, semi's next). Enjoy the weekend all!