2024 Update

Indoor Team Registration is now closed, as we have reached our capacity.

  • If you're an individual looking to join a team, we might be able to find you a spot. Please email Gordie at gthemvp@hotmail.com
  • We will start January 7 to early April - Costs will be $2025 per team, including insurance.
  • This is based on a projected 8 to 10 game season plus playoffs.
  • A $500 deposit will be required by Sunday December 17th.

2023 Outdoor Dates/Costs

  • Coed - May 28 to late August - $1350
  • Women's - Late May to late August/Sept - $1400
  • Men's - Early June to mid-September - $1500
  • All costs include the $225 insurance fees

Tournament Schedule

  • Touch Football Ontario's Ottawa Stop - July 22/23
  • visit www.tfont.com for more information
  • Women's Fall Classic - October 14 - Deadline to enter Wed Oct 4
  • Men's Fall Classic - October 21 - Deadline to enter Wed Oct 11
  • Coed "Underwear Affair" - October 28 - Deadline to enter Wed Oct 18

New Teams and Players and Returning teams

New teams and returning teams or players should contact Gordie Laverty at gthemvp@hotmail.com in order to get registered and placed in the appropriate division.

Fees - Insurance

Insurance cost is $225 (non-tournament teams). Every team must register their insurance online with Touch Football Ontario/Karelo. Please follow this link for a step by step process. Online TFO Roster . If you have any questions, let me (Gordie) know and I’ll be glad to help.

Minors (under 18)

Minors who wish to play must have their legal guardian sign the consent form.


We’re always a rain or shine league. Unless the city closes the fields, we’ll wait as close to game time before cancelling anything.

Statistics collection

Our decades old history is what sets us apart from other leagues, so stats are very important to us. Please make sure to snap a picture of your scorecard after each game and email it to Barry Lauzon via barry.lauzon@sympatico.ca. This is the quickest way to get stats updated in a timely and correct fashion. I’ll have scorecards for managers at the field, or you can get them from referees. I’ll keep them amply supplied during the season.

Roster Rules

Each team must have their own unique roster. We do allow a player from a higher division to also play on a division below them. However, they are ineligible for awards. Quarterbacks from higher divisions cannot throw a forward pass in a lower division. We have and will bend the one drop down player rule when it benefits the league and doesn’t affect divisions negatively. Parity is paramount, especially when it applies to playoffs. We want every team to have a chance to win in the end.

ONTFL Contacts

  • Gordie Laverty

    ONTFL President

    Men's Division



  • Barry Lauzon

    Men's Division Statistician



  • Jen Brazeau

    Women's Division Statistician