• The schedule is pretty close to the games from Jan 27th (cancelled date). I had to make a few adjustments, as there was already one game scheduled. Those teams are also playing makeups this Sunday, so I tried to keep their double headers close to each other, without taking away anyone's early starts. We tried to be as fair/even as possible in allocating those; hopefully we did ok in that dept, it was a tricky schedule! We have coed teams with male players in both divisions, so I had to make sure there were no conflicts there too.

  • The Ed Laverty Skills Tournament is Sunday, April 14th from 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM at the FTA (Functional Training Academy). It’s a day dedicated to raising funds for “Youth In Sport” with fun football skills, drills and a mini-tournament.

  • Bring your appetite and get your dancing shoes ready! Our annual Banquet & Awards bash is set for November 10th at St Anthony's Banquet Hall. They've raised the price by $5, so tickets will cost will $40 this year.

  • The Coed Classic/Underwear Affair is a tournament we've long dedicated to Lindsay Stewart, who lost her battle with colon cancer in 2012. Her team (Tanks) wore underwear on the outside of their attire to spread awareness for cancers below the waist. We continue to honour her memory this year (Oct 13th) with our tradition of silliness, fun and awareness building.