• <p>Congratulations to all our teams and players. Here are your women's division 2019 champions. </p> <p> A - Pirates - Finalists Saints </br> B - Skyhawks - Finalists Mud Piglets </br> C - Twisted Sisters - FInalists - Alley Cats </br> D - 2nd & Long - Finalists Raiders </br> </p>

  • We just want to thank all the players and TFO referees from across Ontario/Quebec that traveled to our city, and give a big shout out to our ONTFL teams, and the NCOA referees, that supported our event.

  • Hi everyone I'm recovering from a concussion and will be limiting my device usage for a short bit. I'll be checking emails periodically, but if there's a delay in my responses, I will get back to you asap Your President, Gordie:)